Cimatics - Brussels International Platform and
Festival for Digital Art and Culture - Spring 2011

Cimatics aims at supporting innovative experiments and outstanding productions in the fields of audiovisual and digital culture. Cimatics Platform is a framework for initiating and facilitating audiovisual productions, events, publications and workshops. Cimatics Festival focuses on presenting to a large and diverse public what is taking place at the cross-roads of art, media, music, design or technology.

The next edition of Cimatics festival will be held from 29 September - 02 October 2011.


Call for collaborations: next Cimatics festival 29 September - 02 October 2011

In 2011 we are hosting an unusual festival-edition with a global urban scope focusing on USER-GENERATED CONTENT & PARTICIPATORY culture. The event is open for any collaborations of public initiatives aiming at art, media, music and people all over the world. To take part with your project wherever located: submit your idea


Full video report of Video Vortex V

We were very happy with the large amount of people attending the latest Video Vortex conference in Brussels. However, for those of you who could not make it, there is a full video report of all presented lectures to be found here.


Dingbat Liberation Fest

Today is completely devoted to the design aspect of Cimatics. In collaboration with O.S.P. and Verbindingen/Jonctions from Constant we ivite you for a workshop and presentation at Zennestraat, and later tonight there are the concerts by Gangpol und Mit, Goto80,... at Recyclart. Dingbat workshop


Cimatics at Bozar with Ryoichi Kurokawa and Ulf Langheinrich

On Wednesday Nov 25 two extremely exclusive mid-week concerts bring Cimatics to the challenging context of the Brussels center for fine arts Bozar. With two audiovisual concerts (both Belgian premières) the Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa and the Austrian Ulf Langheinrich (from Granular-Synthesis) create immersive experiences where sound and image are seamlessly intertwined, synced and juxtaposed into true musical compositions. Cimatics is proud to be able to present these international crème de la crème A/V artists. More info and tickets


We liked the glitch vj

We liked the glitch vj set of Rosa Menkman at the opening party. She also gave a nice lecture about her 'Glitch Studies' at the Video Vortex conference, which you can watch here.


Opening Night: Ben Butler & Mousepad at Beursschouwburg

Not to miss: Ben Butler and Mousepad is the twenty five year old Joe Howe. Currently based in Berlin, he produces scatter brained, frenetic music under a bunch of aliases, including Gay against You and Germlin. When not devoting his time to thinking up this junk, Joe is also a keen producer and remixer. He's been involved with his band project, Gay Against You, as well as producing an album for Momus and a slew of remixes for artists as varied as Klaxons, Deerhoof and Shitdisco. Ben Butler & Mousepad


Speed up the FLU POWER FLU

For the festival opening night, Cimatics re-appropriates the semi-permanent installation FLU POWER FLU from Stefano Cagol by temporarily speeding up the flickering of the neon words. For 24 hours the installation will go 5 times as fast. By this, converted it into an event, it is re-mixed with the festival and re-activated as an urban landmark. Meet at Beursschouwburg Saturday 21 Nov at 16h48 Opening Night


Follow the Video Vortex conference on Ustream - live video stream

The 5th Video Vortex conference will be held at the Atomium. You can follow the conference live at the URL below starting from Fri Nov 20, 13h30.


Friday 20 Nov TUK & Kurt D'Haeseleer (live) at Brigittines

With performances, artist presentations and a film-screening program Video Vortex is expanding into the night. In an effort to overcome the limitations of a traditional conference setup, Cimatics invites everyone for a Friday night add-on where you can experience some remarkable artistic approaches, consequences and interpretations of the online moving image. Video Vortex evening program


Festival Meeting Point is open

Last night we opened the festival meeting point. Jump in for any information about the festival program, pick up some flyers or posters and test Byram's straws couch. Meeting Area


According to Mark Amerika

"For me, events like Cimatics are ongoing after-parties with after-effects that feed into the autohallucinatory framework of my variable postproduction (i.e. metamediumistic) becomings (what in the "gig world" we might call sets). The most important part of live A/V events is the live function or, if you will, life function. It's bio-social networking conducted within a technologically savvy framework. And besides, it's great fun." - Mark Amerika, Nov 2009 Professor VJ Blog


A great fresh mix: Timecast 08 - Podcast

Each month Time To Express presents TimeCast, a podcast show hosted and curated by Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen. You can now download the special mix Eavesdropper made for Cimatics. The Podcast: Timecast 08


Limited capacity - get tickets online

Cimatics festival is spread all over the city of Brussels. For 10 days and nights there will be 17 venues involved. However, we like to remind you that more then often there is limited capacity for the performances and concerts. Especially for performances at Beursschouwburg (AGF), Bozar (Ulf Langheinrich, Ryoichi Kurokawa), Les Brigittines (Herman Kolgen (see picture), Telcosystems,...) and Planetarium (Vladislav Delay + Lillevan) it is recommended to purchase a presale ticket. Festival pass: 45 euro


Cimatics - bikes and blogs

For Cimatics Festival we have the excellent partnership with Pedal, the Brussels bicycle couriers, spreading our flyers. Their slogan is 'bikers do it better'. But we also believe bloggers do it better. If you have a blog or social network page, please help us out spreading the word about the festival. We need your support. If you need a banner you can find them here


Society of the Query - Stop Searching, Start Questioning

With the Society of the Query conference in Amsterdam the Institute of Network Cultures aims to critically reflect on the information society and the dominant role of the search engine in our culture. What does this high dependency on search engines to manage the complex system of knowledge on the Internet mean? What alternatives exist? What is the future of interface design?... The Institute of Network Cultures is also initiator of the Video Vortex conferences, of which the 5th edition will be hosted by Cimatics festival at the Atomium, Brussels.


Mika Vainio exhibition kick-off

On Friday Nov 13 the Mika Vainio exhibition and book-launch will kick-off with a with a ‘2*540 kHz’ live performance by Mika Vainio himself, a combination which will travel afterwards to galleries and happenings across the world. Lab[au] and rasternoton welcome you at MediaRuimte starting from 21h00. Mika Vainio expo


Post Flux

Lots of digital creativity in Brussels this month. Starting from tomorrow: 'Post-Flux - New media, new stories?' It is a series of meetings, talks, conferences, workshops... taking place in Brussels at Bozar on November 6th, 7th and 8 th 2009. The questions which will be investigated and evoked are related to the place of digital in art and in creative practice. With Andreas Broeckman, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Rob van Kranenburg, Caroline Nevejan,...

02/11/2009 is online

We are glad to announce that the site is online now. Have a look at the program and reserve your tickets for this Cimatics festival 2009 with AGF, Ulf Langheinrich, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Telcosystems, Donato Dozzy, Function, Gangpol und Mit, Mika Vainio, Vladislav Delay and many many many others..


Video Vortex V: conference programme available

The full programme of the 5th Video Vortex conference is online now! Video Vortex V, the international conference about the moving image online is hosted by Cimatics festival, KASK and CLEA and will be held at the Atomium, Brussels. Download the complete programme


Look at Berlin at Pocket Film Festival, Paris

'Look at Berlin' will be presented at the Pocket Film Festival, Paris (Forum des Images) from 10 till 14 June. 'Look at Berlin' is is shown as an audiovisual installation and presents a finicky reconstruction of Obama's speech in Berlin based on cellphone footage. > Read more


InterMerz online and live in Sevilla

InterMerz is an on and offline exhibition for video work. The online version is still in Beta mode but now open for everyone to curate an own exhibition. The next live and offline InterMerz 4-5-6 June in Sevilla at Territorios Digitales. > Read more



Cimatics is happy to announce and support V.O.S.T OV/OT. A project by Marika Dermineur and Alexis Chazard exploring relations between video, media-art and cinema. > Read more


SHARE BRU #3: 8bit special

The 3rd SHARE BRUssels will happen on Thursday 14 of May at 20h00. Come and play with us with sounds & images, or just come to enjoy the pleasure of music and visuals in an open jam. This time: a special focus on 8BIT practice with guests such as Goto80, Divag and JDDJ3J. > Come and play


Cimatics co-presents rheo at Elektra Montreal

Cimatics co-presents the North-American premiere of rheo at the opening night of 10th edition of Elektra, Montreal. Earlier that day we are at the Cinemathèque québecoise for the IMDA.


Intermerz screenings presented at L.E.V. festival (SP)

During this long week-end Cimatics presents an Intermerz screening programmation at the third edition of L.E.V. festival in Gijon (Spain). With work of Raquel Meyers (SP), Scott Arford (US), Marcel Wierckx (NL), Visual Kichten (BE), Rosa Menkman (NL), Boutique Vizique (BE) and HPI (BE).


Festival theme announced: New Cities

Cimatics is an audiovisual festival that is closely connected to contemporary digital and urban practice. The next edition of Cimatics festival aims at encouraging all projects that focus on the relation of both cultures. The theme is not a statement but utters the question of how to approach digital and urban culture not as 2 separate layers, but as a single given. Submit your work


<.> a pixel LED project for Ville des Mots

Slt, cva b1? GT en tr1 2 penC a twa. T la + b'L! Mé G enf1 compri. TumlaDjadi. Tu veu q1Bzé, non? EntouK @2m1 x p.s. kestufé c swar?? Qahwa? <.> is a public space project for the festival for French language 'Ville des Mots' in Brussels.


Disturbed City in Vague Terrain

The Disturbed City project by Michael Langeder and Mattia Casalegno is been included in the special issue 'citySCENE' of the online digital arts publication Vague Terrain. Disturbed City was produced at Cimatics Masterclass.


Stock Overflow : Recontextualising the Crisis

Stock Overflow is an exhibition and conferences by RYBN at iMAL (supported by Cimatics). Recontextualising the crisis, its mediatic and politic strategies, on the topics of disaster, structural instability and financial markets mythologies. With RYBN, Geert Lovink, Florian Schneider, Brian Holmes and Société Réaliste.


Premiere: 'rheo' by Ryoichi Kurokawa

rheo is a triptych 5.1 surround sound cross-media performance by Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP). rheo has been premiered at VIA Festival (Maubeuge, FR) and at EXIT Festival (Maison des Arts de Créteil, Paris). read more

Jobs at Cimatics Platform

Internships are offered in the fields of Marketing and Communication, Cultural Management, Design, Audiovisual Art, Programming, Architecture and Media Art. Contact us.

'Rheo' by Ryoichi Kurokawa

Cimatics is proud to present 'Rheo', the new audiovisual concert by Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP).
Available for festivals & art centres Watch trailer

Previous festival edition

For all information about the previous Cimatics festival edition 2009, check the festival website.


Share Bru, the Brussels branch of the international open jam movement, is hosted by iMAL and Cimatics.
Keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our network to stay informed about the next Share BRU. Cimatics Networks