About: Cimatics brings you an extensive overview of what's taking place at the crossroads of sound, image, media, design, cinema and performance art. Ignoring the borders of diverse disciplines, the festival combines sound and visuals, mixing art with pop into a celebration of audiovisual culture. More...

Coming up next: Cimatics.07

We like to inform you that the Cimatics festival edition 2006 has finished. It was a great succes and we like to thank everyone who was involved. We are now working on an even better edition for 07.

In the meanwhile: keep an eye on our Cimatics platform site for other Cimatics events. First thing to come: altitude1000.

Intifada Offspring

join us tonight for the 'Intifada Offspring' program at Chapelle de Boondaelkapel

- powered by AVXL.

Cimatics at Beursschouwburg

The three day program at Beursschouwburg was a blast! Public, crew and artists: Thank you all for being there and making it happen! But it's not finished yet, join us tomorrow for the 'Intifada Offspring' program at Chapelle de Boondaelkapel in collaboration with XLCC.

For those who missed it...

Brecht and Boris Debackere turned the Cimatics Video-Club into a centrifuge with their Rotor-set. Ryoichi Kurokawa made the theater-hall explode by means of violent subtility. Still, the party just has to begin. (00.38h)

Festival Opening-Night was Sold Out!!!

The first night of the festival was a great succes. The performances of Walter Verdin and Arden were both sold out. Later that night the Cimatics Video-Club partied on with the Massive Central: DJ Miyu challenging the VJ's of Visual Kitchen with tasty beats...

Extra!Extra! Jerry Galle!

We're happy to announce the presentation of a compilation of works by Jerry Galle at the AV Lounge. This screening compiles four of his recent works: 'Erase','Portrait','Sleeper' and 'Inventions for memory' (the latter also being the title of the compilation).

Jerry Galle studied Fine Arts at the academy of Antwerp. Besides programming specific software for algorithmic video and generative art, he is also working on a research project in the fine arts at the academy of fine arts Ghent (KASK) where he also teaches New Media.

Cimatics at beurs getting quietly packed

We would like to inform our dear public that the performances at beursschouwburg-theatre have limited capacity. If you want to be sure of your spot in front of the screen: order your tickets in advance AND come and get them at least 30min before the performance!

The Massive Central line up

The Massive Central: vj's for the ears, dj's for the eyes at the Videoclub.

Thursday 16/11/06:22:00: dj Miyu & vj Visual Kitchen

Saturday 18/11/06:00:00: dj's Vanno, Havoc, Cortechs Valley and vj theponeyexpress

Pioneer DVJ Scratch Night - 11.11.06

The Pioneer DVJ master class with Exceeda and the accompanying DVJ Scratch Night presenting the fruit of their labour is looking very promising. With pupils like BoemTsjak and DJ Yzerbeat from Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband the DVJ Scratch Band is bound to leave some sparks. Powered by PioneerProDJ's excellent gear they're providing for the duration of the masterclass, the outcome of the masterclass will definately rock the house at Pianofabriek on november 11th. Book your tickets now before it's sold out!

VERNISSAGE MR.XPO16 - 12.11.06

Opening MR.XPO16

20h00: Apero

20h30: Conference Paolo Rigamonti, Limitazero

21h30: Concert + Music A La Carte With A*class [Patric Catani + Gina V D orio]

The groundbreaking, experimental, avant garde or yet-to-be-discovered-AV performances are to be found at MediaRuimte, a significant partner since the early days of the Cimatics festival, who again got carte blanche to compose their part of the festival. MediaRuimte is probably the only place where you can combine algorithms, ATARi and cut'n paste sampling without being treated as a weird geek!

Website Launch

Hello World!

We're back again with a new Cimatics Festival, the fourth edition now. As you see we've completely revamped the look and the form of the festival, thanks to a new partner in crime, Greatshare developing the whole communication strategies, the Cimatics platform and a new house style in cooperation with Build.

But not only form has changed, we also took a lot of time reconfiguring the structure of the festival and of course, the programming has been influenced by all that thinking as well. The content of the festival has been adapted to this new situation: more brains working together have broadened the perspectives. Compared to previous editions, the program has a lot more diversity and in the same time is more consistent: We're focusing the festival on three days now, and the partner events with Vooruit, Pianofabriek, AVXL and Mediaruimte get the appropriate attention by leaving them out of the programming, considering them as stand-alone satellite events.

So have a look around, check out the festival program, the satellite events and linkup with us through our Myspace, Youtube and Flickr profiles! But above all: treat yourself to a nice evening of AV-performances, have a drink and a dance at the Cimatics Video Club or check out the installations at the AVlounge!