Edito 2006

The Cimatics festival is back again, or, as I should say: the CIMATICS\06AV\Festival is back this November, a month packed with plenty of activities for people who like to be dazzled by audio and visuals. After that, we'll be back in December with Altitude1000, our Brussels AV coop with Foton, but that's news soon to come…

At Cimatics, we've had quite a particular journey since last festival, not only because of the fire that destroyed the Matrix Art Project after last years Cimatics Video Club event, but mainly because we've been forging some promising alliances with artists and organizations that will enforce our future projects.

The most significant alliance was teaming up with Greatshare, putting us one step closer to the development of the Cimatics online exchange platform. In spring we already have set up some concerts at Chapelle de Boondael with greatshare and XLCC, also present at this years festival. From there on we've been working together on the festival identity and communications and without them we wouldn't have had Murcof, The Leaflabel, Intifada Offspring or Build

Cimatics also renewed its alliance with Beursschouwburg. Their new artistic direction will focus their programming (back) on media, performance and crossing borders, so that's definitely a spot where you'll find us more often in the future.

Cimatics' main corporate partner, Pioneer and Pioneer ProDJ have spoiled us again with their fantastic gear: not only have they made it possible to gear up Exceeda's DVJ master class at the Pianofabriek and the festival with the astonishing DVJ-decks, CDJ's, Mixing consoles and plasma's, we've also had the opportunity to stuff their top quality plasma screens at the Interieur06 fair with Jeffers Egan’s latest HD motion paintings.

Indirectly, Cimatics has got a splendid reward a few months ago, with LifeInLoops, Timo Novotny's remix of Megacities getting the award at the Carlovy Vary film festival. Life in Loops is the film version of a live remix that was commissioned by Cimatics in 2003 for the Cinedays event on the Brussels 'Grand Place'. It caused a small riot back then and as we've heard, it also caused one in the Czech Republic… So we hope you didn't miss the film at the Int. Film festival van Vlaanderen in Ghent or the Live remix with the Sofa Surfers at Vooruit.

All these great alliances of course have an impact on the festival program. The approach to the festival idea has changed a lot: Instead of pushing everything into a well-packed festival week we've decided to focus on the specific aspects in separate periods and venues.

The groundbreaking, experimental, avant garde or yet-to-be-discovered-AV performances are to be found at MediaRuimte, a significant partner since the early days of the Cimatics festival, who again got carte blanche to compose their part of the festival. MediaRuimte is probably the only place where you can combine algorithms, ATARi and cut'n paste sampling without being treated as a weird geek!

For the educational factor of Cimatics we teamed up with Exceeda (UK) and PioneerProDJ at Pianofabriek to work on a weeklong master class where DJ's can expand their knowledge incorporating visuals in a live set. After this extensive week of working together, the DVJ scratch orchestra will present their first performance and if they prove to be any good, you can definitely expect them to turn up more in future.

The AV-performances, without any doubt the core business of the festival, are all concentrated at the Beursschouwburg during three consecutive days.

Although unintentionally, the opening night has an 'all Belgian' line up, with Arden, an impressive combination of Belgian musicians and designers, performing for the first time ever. Headliner that day Walter Verdin, teaming up with Roland and Lars Van Bambost and Urundi Airlines for the world premiere of 'Title Safe3’, represents the longtime underestimated Belgian video art scene that sprung in the seventies. In case you didn't realize, Verdin has been performing with live rithm'd videos since the age of U-matictapes. The only non-Belgian item on Thursday night is probably the presentation of D-fuse's book 'A/V: VJ’ing + Audio-Visual Art' giving an overview of the worlds VJ and AV scene. But since Cimatics took part in the editing of the Benelux section and Bram Crevits wrote the essay on VJ’ing history, one might consider that as partly Belgian as well.

On Friday at the Beursschouwburg, we pull out all registers for a maximum effect on your emotions, with an eclectic blend of internationally acclaimed artists like Murcof and the Leaf Label DJ's or AV-pioneers The Light Surgeons going classical with the 'Art of War' music by The 'T'ang quartet'. Headliner that day is Ryoichi Kurokawa, probably the strongest AV performance we've seen these last few years. There's also a speckle of national pride with Boris and Brecht Debackere's 'Rotor' and R.O.T.'s and Floris Van Hoof's drone-improv and 16mm projection performance.

Saturday, the final night at the Beursschouwburg, goes fully international with The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble from the Netherlands, the German duo Incite/ and the British/Dutch/Italian cooperation between Scanner and TeZ. At the Video Club (BeursKafée) the French duo Gangpol und Mit redefine the term 'Moving Wallpaper' with an exciting cut'n paste game of sounds and visuals.

The Cimatics Video Club at the 'BeursKafée' roughly refers to last years 'Cimatics Video Club' at the MAP (although we'll avoid burning down the house) where Cimatics' resident DJ/VJ collective The Massive Central is reinforced with guest DJ's and VJ's who aim at your eyes and ears for a night of straightforward fun during these three nights.

During these three days the AV lounge, between Video Club and Theatre, presents a selection of internationally acclaimed installations by the likes of Carsten Nicolai and Telcosystems and DVD presentations of 'Title Safe 1, 2 & 3 ' (to be released soon through the Cimatics\AV\Platform) and the DVD that accompanies Dfuse's 'A/V: VJ’ing + Audio-Visual Art'-book.

On Tuesday the 21st Intifada Offspring, powered by AVXL at the Chapelle de Boondael Kapel, rounds off this year’s festival with a socially engaged evening about the so-called Middle East conflict.

So that's about it regarding the festival, after that Cimatics will be moving along to our new project Altitude1000, a DVD compilation and festival regrouping Brussels audiovisual and performance artists, and the release of Transforma and OST's film and DVD-project with Shitkatapult. In between we hope to get Eavesdropper and Visual Kitchens upcoming DVD and liveAV project on track.

We hope you'll enjoy this year's CIMATICS\06AV\Festival: there's loads of new stuff to discover and there are worthwhile things happening in this upcoming AV performance scene that will no doubt reflect on the mainstream music or art business in the near future.

We hope to see you at CIMATICS\06AV\Festival! Have a chat, buy us a drink and enjoy the show!