Intifada Offspring

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  • AV concert
  • Art Center \ Chapelle de Boondael Kapel
  • 21/11/2006 – 20:30

Intifada Offspring is a platform for artists from Palestine, Israel and other regions, who have dedicated their work to the artistic deconstruction of the so-called Middle East conflict. Intifada Offspring represents the urge for a change of perspectives on the Middle East region and struggles for political stabilization and peace.

Guests: Sebastian Meissner(Berlin) and Mazen Kerbaj (Beirut).

Co-producer: XLCC – Cimatics AV Platform – Transcultures – Greatshare.

About Sebastian Meissner–

Sebastian Meissner was born in 1969 in Czenstochowa (PL). Works as media artist using sound, video and photography. Using a multi layered artistic personality (Autokontrast, Autopoieses, Bizz Circuits, Klimek, Open Source, Random Industries, Random_Inc) his works are dealing with urban/cultural/social scenarios, randomness, historical music archives and strategies of networking.

Over the years his works has been presented by festivals and institutions such as Transmediale (D), Podewil (D), Portikus (D), Schirn Kunsthalle (D), Festival for Jewish Culture (PL), Goethe Institute Buenos Aires (AR), Goethe Institute Ramallah (PAL), Goethe Institute Almaty (KZ), Sonar (ES), Mutek (CA), OK Centrum (A), Hazira Performance Center Jerusalem (IL), Kulturhuset Stockholm(S) and Forsythe Ballet (D).

Sebastian Meissner worked for the Deleuze/Guattari influenced media label Mille Plateaux. He established the network platform Intifada Offspring which is looking for new perspectives on the middle-east region. His works has been released by labels such as Mille Plateaux, Kompakt, Sub Rosa, Crónica and Beta Bodega.

Sebastian Meissner studied Education, Sociology, Psychology and American Cultural Studies at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main (D).

About Mazen Kerbaj–

Mazen Kerbaj was born in 1975 in Beirut and lived there since. His main activities are comics, painting and music. After a lot of works for different publishers and magazines, it is in March 2000 that he releases some of his more personal works in his Journal 1999 (a dairy in comics' format). He self-published eight other books and many short stories since.

It is also in 2000 that he plays for the first time in concert, in the Strike's pub in Beirut. This concert, a duo with Lebanese sax player Christine Sehnaoui, is probably the first improvised music concert in the Middle East. In 2001, together with guitarist Sharif Sehnaoui , he creates the MILL association that curates since IRTIJAL an annual international festival for free music in Beirut as well as various concerts and events (IRTIJAL saw over the years some great improvisers like Fred Van Hove, Johannes Bauer, Lê Quan Ninh, Franz Hautzinger...).

In august 2002, together with Sharif Sehnaoui and double bass player Raed Yassine he recorded the album A published by La CD-Thèque, Beirut. After meeting Franz Hautzinger by chance in Lebanon in February 2003, they played in duo in Beirut and in Paris and in trio with Japanese laptop player Taku Unami at the IRTIJAL 2003 festival. Then they were joined by Sharif Sehnaoui and Helge Hinteregger to form Oriental Space quartet that played in Nickelsdorf, Berlin, Vienna and Klagenfurt. A recording of this group is avilable on the Austrian label aRtonal, and Abu Tarek, a recording of the duo Hautzinger/Kerbaj is available on the Portugese label Creative Sources.

In 2005, Kerbaj releases 2 new albums on the Lebanese newly born label Al Maslakh (The Slaughterhouse), one in solo and the other with Rouba3i quartet.

Between 2000 and 2006, Mazen Kerbaj played in solo and various groups in a lot of venues in Lebanon, Syria, France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, and the USA.

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