ArtKillArt Exhibition

by ArtKillArt


type: installations
venue: iMAL
date: 27-29/11/2008
time: 14:00-20:00


During the entire festival, ArtKillArt presents an exhibition related to the performances of Friday night. These installations are open to the public from Thursday November 27 till Saturday November 29. Entrance is free, unless there is another activity at iMAL.



Antoine Schmitt - september 2008

On the screen or on a public display, a news ticker constantly displays scrolling textual news, but these news are conjugated at the future tense : "Obama will get 53% of the votes in Arkansas", "A plane crash in Madrid will kill 153 people", "the NASDAQ will drop 4.3 points today". Apart from the tense of the verbs, all the news are completely true...

For the spectator, it is as if he was projected in the past of a few hours and that someone told him the future : feeling of going back in time. Or for someone who would not already know the news, it would be like if an oracle would tell her the future in advance : feeling of anxiety or of perverse full power. In all cases, it is a work that unsettles and generates uneasiness by introducing a crack in the flow of time. All the more because it uses graphic codes and display contexts usually attached to real news.

TIME SLIP is a visual artwork referring to philosophical questionings on destiny, its potential pre-written nature or its causal determinism, and in the end, a work on free will. It confronts the spectator to the control of his own destiny in a universe where time and its causality can slip. It is also a work on the motive energy of unpredictability and risk, more and more central in the contemporary world.
There is still an escape door for the spectator through the realization of the essential vanity of this system which pretends to know what will happen, but which in fact knows nothing. But this door is not easy to find.

TIME SLIP is based on a custom software that feeds from the official news agencies and changes the tense of selected news from past or present to future tense. TIME SLIP is always up to date. It is a programmed generative artwork.

* Antoine Schmitt atypically first lead a successful software designer carreer before becoming an active artist, exhibited internationally. Antoine Schmitt invents new forms of dynamic shapes, by exploring the realm of the dynamic object and especially these so special objects that are the living beings. By abstracting and recreating the causes of behaviors, the forces behind the movements, inside algorithmically driven installations, online exhibitions and CD-Roms, he confronts the spectator to abstract others, which essence is perceived through their audio and visual manifestations, externalizations of their inner modes of being. Antoine Schmitt hunts down the shape of the being deep inside human nature. Happening underneath langage and meaning, sensation is at the heart of his artworks. His artistic work yields installations, performances and online works, exhibited online or offline since 1995. This work has recently won various prizes in international festivals : First prize Net Art at medi@terra (Athens, 1999), First Prize of outdoor installations at Interférences (Public Jury, Belfort, 2000), honorary mention in software art at transmediale.01 (Berlin, 2001), Online prize at the 11th International Video Dance Grand Prix (Paris, 2002), Life5.0 (Madrid, 2002), machinista (Perm Russia 2003), CYNETArt (Dresden, DE, 2004).


Marika Dermineur / Stéphane Degoutin - avril 2003

The Googlehouse is an online process that builds a house with images of domestic rooms (living room, tv room...) picked up on the Iinternet using an image search engine.

* Stéphane Degoutin. Theorist and travel agent. Born in 1973 in Toronto, Canada. Lives and works in Paris. Stephane's principal research interests are the contemporary city, public space, and the architecture of pleasure. He co-founded the collective Nogo Voyages. He is the author of Prisonniers volontaires du rêve américain (Volontary Prisoners of the American Dream), Editions de la Villette, Paris, 2006, as well as the photoblog Lost in Créteil. He created the online installations Googlehouse and What Are You?, and a temporary massage structure. He teaches interior design and contemporary culture at the Ecole Camondo in Paris.

** Marika Dermineur is an artist and independent curator. An active member of the platform since 2000, founder and in charge of Upgrade! Paris. Curator of V.O.S.T. events, of "Economie 0" event in Paris in February 2008 and of the parisian program at Upgrade! International Meeting in September 2008 in Skopje. In residence at iMAL with RYbN in november and december 2008.


networked audiovisual installation
nicolas montgermont / nicolas maigret - 2008

LAPS is an audio and visual installation that uses Internet as an imaginary space where sound echoes, reverberates throughout the Web. Based on transmission errors, a sound material is shaped by the virtual acoustic space of the network. Sound streams broadcasted within the installation structure gradually echoes the activity of the Web in various locations of the globe. Its analysis in these various points is used to progressively draw the contours of an imaginary landscape inside the installation.

* Nicolas Montgermont, researcher and artist, studies the relations between art and sciences using the computer as a workshop. After a formation in signal processing, he studies sciences applied to music at the IRCAM center, being specially focused on real time control of synthesis. Currently, he carries out a PhD thesis on the analysis of the flutist playing at the Laboratory of Musical Acoustics (LAM) in Paris. His creating work is the search of a numerical aesthetics, using and developing personal tools to explore the specific possibilities of a computer. He works mainly on performances with the chdh collective and on installations in duo with Nicolas Maigret.

* Nicolas Maigret, has been developing an experimental practice of sound and electronic images (performances, installations, programming, radio) since 2001. Researcher between art and science, his work takes the shape of a laboratory, decomposing technological tools to generate specific sonic or visual language from them. He tends to place audience in the situation of psychic and physical experience. Ex-member of the laboratory Locus-Sonus, he teaches the Intermedia at the fine arts School of Bordeaux at present.

** This project is supported by the prize "Brouillon d'un rêve" from the Multimedia Author Civilian Society of France.


reynald drouhin - 2008

From an IP collection, a city will be geenrated : I.P.C is this city. The goal of I.P.C is to make visible an utopic, a virtual, a global city, made of connexions and in a perpetual progression. The city will have a center, a periphery, and a growing community.

* Reynald Drouhin lives and works in Paris and Rennes, France. He studied plastic arts at Paris Fine Arts School (DNSAP), University of Paris 1 (Masters, DEA) and a Hypermedia Multimedia Mastere (ENSBA). He has shown his work worldwide, including: ISEA 2000, Paris; the International Festival of Multimedia Urban Arts, Belfort; the Biennial Festival 2000, Montreal; and the International Demonstration of Video and Electronic Art organized by Champ Libre in 1999. He also took part in ISEA 97, Chicago, and Imagina, Monaco, 1998. Drouhin has received several prizes and distinctions including the Grand Prix for Digital Creation; the Special Award of the Toshiba Jury (2003); the Video Award of the FIAV in Tangers (2001), the Grand Prix at the Cyberfestival of Reuil-Malmaison; and the Auvergnes-Videoformes DRACs Multimedia Award (1999). His artist residencies include: C3, Budapest (2000); CICV, Belfort (2000-2001); Europeo, Italy (2001); and Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (1997). Currently Drouhin teaches at the Fine Arts School in Rennes and is a member of the group.

** Coproduction : numeriscausa ; ; Arcadi

Casey Reas @ MediaRuimte

Cimatics presents an exhibition of Casey Reas' Process series at MediaRuimte. In this work Reas explores the relationship between naturally evolved systems and engineered and synthetic systems. (presented by <> TAG)

I ♥ BRU nights at Congres

Cimatics presents a 2-day program full of audiovisual performances, concerts and VJing called 'I ♥ Bru' at the exclusive underground venue CONGRES (Gare Bruxelles Congres Station Brussel)
Also check the free 'I ♥ Bru' closing party on Saturday 29th.

VIDOS - world release

On Friday Nov 28 Cimatics presents the world-release of the VIDOS DVD. This release with videos to the music of ex-Funkstörung Michael Fakesch' album DOS will be part of the screening program and there will be a special dj/live concert by Michael Fakesch himself.


In collaboration with Transmediale festival Berlin we present a 'best of' of the screening programme as selected for Transmediale 2008. The selection presents work by Semiconductor, Xu Tan, Michelle Deignan and many others.