Launch SHARE Brussels

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type: open jam session
venue: iMAL
date: Saturday 29/11/2008
time: 16:00-20:00
duration: 240 min  


Join the SHARE Brussels jam session!

On Saturday Nov 29th, iMal is launching with Cimatics the SHARE Brussels at iMAL. SHARE is an international movement for open jam sessions. This is an open call for participants to join. For the launch of SHARE Brussels, we invite Marie-Hélène Parant who launched SHARE Montréal in 2005.

A l'occasion du festival, iMAL et Cimatics lancent SHARE Bruxelles, soirées régulières d'improvisation collective audio et video numériques. Ce concept de jams digitales est apparu en 2001 avec le premier SHARE à New York. Montréal a ensuite suivi en 2005 lancé entre autres par l'artiste canadienne Marie-Hélène Parant que nous invitons pour ce 1er SHARE bruxellois.

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SHARE GLOBAL is an organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities founded in 2001 (NYC). Local SHARE groups hold free, open jams and workshops in their communities. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others' signal and perform live audio and video. SHARE furnishes the amplification and projection. SHARE happens weekly to monthly in cities around the world.

SHARE is a free multimedia jam open, not just for digital artists, but for all new culture lovers. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others' signal and perform live audio and video. Observers and Walk-ins are welcome.

About SHARE Brussels

SHARE Brussels will be held periodically at iMAL and is organised by iMAL in collaboration with Cimatics. Stay tuned for the next sessions!

audio jam: Prepared and spontaneous music from eight plus simultaneous performers. This is the time and place to perform a piece of music you've written and hear it on a large sound system, improvise spontaneously with other participants, get feedback on your latest project or try out that new max patch/software setup. Bring your noise maker of choice and an XLR, quarter-inch or RCA cable to join.

video jam: multi-user live video synthesis. Generating an immersive visual environment, in the SHARE tradition, in which multiple participants are able to jointly compose the video output. Try out and learn about new VJ wetware. As with the audio, walk-in sets are encouraged. Bring your clips or camera or laptop/amiga and VGA, S-Video, or RCA cables to join.

About Marie-Hélène Parant

Marie-Hélène Parant is a visual and new media artist based in Montreal. She has been involved with art and technology since the 80's. Her art work deals with concepts of transformation (transition), the body and its environment, and reflects an intense pictorial quality. Since 2004, she is developping an interactive tool based on body movement called Sketch-in and that she is using in her installations and performance work.
Marie-Helene is coordinator and founding member of SHARE MTL, an artistic community that organizes digital happenings since May 2005. She has presented her work of installation, performance and video in several international venues, in China, (809 INIAF), Europe (Club Transmediale, VidéoFormes, Traverse Vidéo), Canada (InTheMix, OFF Festival de Jazz, Société des arts technologiques), USA (Optosonic Tea, Experimental Intermedia, ISEA 2006 et ArtSpace Galery), and Morocco (Festival Art Vidéo de Casablanca).


So bring your laptop or whatever tool, and feel free to do just something in the temporarily un-disciplined space of SHARE Brussels.

Casey Reas @ MediaRuimte

Cimatics presents an exhibition of Casey Reas' Process series at MediaRuimte. In this work Reas explores the relationship between naturally evolved systems and engineered and synthetic systems. (presented by <> TAG)

I ♥ BRU nights at Congres

Cimatics presents a 2-day program full of audiovisual performances, concerts and VJing called 'I ♥ Bru' at the exclusive underground venue CONGRES (Gare Bruxelles Congres Station Brussel)
Also check the free 'I ♥ Bru' closing party on Saturday 29th.

VIDOS - world release

On Friday Nov 28 Cimatics presents the world-release of the VIDOS DVD. This release with videos to the music of ex-Funkstörung Michael Fakesch' album DOS will be part of the screening program and there will be a special dj/live concert by Michael Fakesch himself.


In collaboration with Transmediale festival Berlin we present a 'best of' of the screening programme as selected for Transmediale 2008. The selection presents work by Semiconductor, Xu Tan, Michelle Deignan and many others.