Other things taking place during Cimatics 2008

Next to the chronologically organised programme, Cimatics festival also offers some extras such as partner events or special presentations. On Saturday 29/11 there is the 54KOLAKTIV performance night at Ateliers Claus, Artkillart stays available the whole weekend at iMal with generative installations, Wim Vanhenden presents his installation in public space, deepblue and OKNO open their doors, Mattia Casalegno and Michael Langeder present their 'Disturbed City' project and Jérome Prosperger will perform a very remarkable 'Invisible Concert' in public space.


More performances:

54KOLAKTIV Night @ Les Ateliers Claus

54KOLAKTIV is active within a variety of disciplines, including graphic designers, dj’s, musicians, film makers, VJ’s, street artists, photographers, web designers, animators… The objective is to expand the cultural possibilities for young people in the city and build a creative working environment. The name 54KOLAKTIV originated from the Saint-Catherine square in the center of Brussels. For recent years this square has been the meeting place for the Brussels based collective.



More exhibitions:


Artkillart presents a performance night on Friday at iMal, but at that same venue you are invited during the whole weekend to visit the Artkillart exhibition with the generative audiovisual installations: LAPS by Nicolas Montgermont & Nicolas Maigret FR), GOOGLEHOUSE by Marika Dermineur & Stéphane Degoutin (FR), I.P.C by Reynald Drouhin (FR) and TIME SLIP by Antoine Schmitt (FR).


C.E.B Reas (US) Exhibition

We invite you at MediaRuimte for the exhibition of 2 projects by the American media-artist C.E.B. Reas. 'The Protein Image' and 'MicroImage' are installations part of the artists ongoing 'Process' series. (presented by <>TAG)


Disturbed City

'Disturbed City' is a series of urban interventions conceived by Mattia Casalegno and Michael Langeder. Brussels has a long tradition of radical urban and spatial interventions within the city centre: the connection between the North and South Trainstation was one of the biggest interruption in the city grown structure. Numerous leftover-places along this trajectory which were generated through this scar become the target of a series of site specific interventions, treating them as “disturbed” architectural monuments telling us about their past and possible futures.


Installation: Thin Synch'd Spaces

OKNO presents the open source installation 'Thin Synch'd spaces' by Olm-e (BE). Using image streams on the network, free 3d technologies and video projections, the OKNO studio will transform itself for the visitors...



More screenings:

Screening: Flatland

deepblue opens its doors for the screening of 'FLATLAND' by Patricia Portela & Christoph De Boeck (PT/B). Flatland takes the spectator on a journey through a two-dimensional world behind the letters of a book. The story is told from the perspective of a pixelsized dot that is on a quest for the third dimension.



Cimatics at public space:

We Are The World

Wim Vanhenden will integrate his generative audiovisual instalation 'We Are The World' into public space. The installation consults several search engines. From the obtained pages it then extracts the search terms that at the same moment are being entered by the anonymous internet users. The latter cannot suspect that their key search terms will be the subject of this installation and in this case Brussels public space around 'Rogier'.


Concert Invisible

Jérome Prosperger (BE) goes on with his series of intriguing infiltrations of classical music in public space. Check out Boulevard Anspachlaan (Beurs/Bourse) on Friday November 27th!


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Casey Reas @ MediaRuimte

Cimatics presents an exhibition of Casey Reas' Process series at MediaRuimte. In this work Reas explores the relationship between naturally evolved systems and engineered and synthetic systems. (presented by <> TAG)

I ♥ BRU nights at Congres

Cimatics presents a 2-day program full of audiovisual performances, concerts and VJing called 'I ♥ Bru' at the exclusive underground venue CONGRES (Gare Bruxelles Congres Station Brussel)
Also check the free 'I ♥ Bru' closing party on Saturday 29th.

VIDOS - world release

On Friday Nov 28 Cimatics presents the world-release of the VIDOS DVD. This release with videos to the music of ex-Funkstörung Michael Fakesch' album DOS will be part of the screening program and there will be a special dj/live concert by Michael Fakesch himself.


In collaboration with Transmediale festival Berlin we present a 'best of' of the screening programme as selected for Transmediale 2008. The selection presents work by Semiconductor, Xu Tan, Michelle Deignan and many others.

SHARE Brussels - launch

On Saturday Nov 29th, iMal in collaboration with Cimatics will launch SHARE Brussels. Share is an international movement for open jam sessions. This is an open call for participants to plug in.